Hi! I'm Freda!

If you ever needed proof that Matt Bomer is way, way more than just another handsome Hollywood face, here it is - the first clip for his latest movie "Anything", in which he plays a trans gender woman going by the name of Freda von Rhenburg. And let me tell you, if you thought him out-of-this-world handsome as a man, you definitely will like him (at least) as a woman.

Anything First Look:

And here's some screencaps (courtesy of Matt Bomer UK and Matt Bomer.it (both on Facebook):

my lovely friend [personal profile] kanarek13 already has a whole set of screencaps from the clip, available for download HERE (fair use please!)

a lovely collage and the official movie poster, both found on Matt Bomer.it (facebook)

last but not least, Deadline has an article about the movie (link can be found on Matt Bomer UK (facebook), and I'll end this post with a first short review by Greg Hernandez (found on Twitter, thanks to Bomerholic and others)

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