sandy79 (sandy79) wrote,

Bingo Palooza

Nothing too serious, just me doing some housekeeping with my bingo cards ;)

H/C Bingo - Round 6:

gaslighting septicemia / infected wounds moving arena hypothermia
de-age family tentacles invisibility whipping / flogging
witch hunt sensory deprivation WILD CARD trust issues difficult / unexpected pregnancy
fighting accidents pandemics and epidemics runaways corporal punishment
rejection deadline / time bomb arrest loss of job / income phobias


Trope Bingo - Round 5:

trapped in a dream wingfic meet the parents / family au: historical Foot fetish
friends to lovers / friends with benefits darkfic spanking crossover reunion
slavefic metafiction FREE SPACE altered states (of the mind) bodyswap
bets / wagers presumed dead epistolary au: college/high school Unhappy ending
au: fantasy celebratory kiss au: alternate professions locked in rites of passage / coming of age


Gen Prompt Bingo - Round 8:

Drugs Horribly Misunderstood Villain The
Midnight Trauma
Someone gains Purpose Rebirth and Renewal / Hibernation and Age Biography / Autobiography Kidfic / Babyfic Sirocco
Asphyxiation Formidable Wild
Civilisation Wild
Feudal Ties / Master and Servant Crime Lord Quarantine Reincarnation Silhouette
Dreams, Daydreams, Wishes Curry Night Second person narration Old
and New
Behind Every Great Man There's a Great Woman


Gen Prompt Bingo Round 9:

Heights and Depths Kishotenketsu (Plot Without Conflict) The Bridge Sunshine and Blue Skies Touch
Festivals and Celebrations Disgust Festivals of the Quarter (Christmas, Yule, Hanukkah, etc) Soft A New Start
Hindsight is a Wonderful Thing Dinosaurs and Pre-historic Creatures Wild Card Crack: Elves, Pixies, and other Magical Helpers or Irritations Dolls
Habits and Routines Canon Themes Exploration My Guardian Angel Kittens and Puppies
Logo Enemies Missing Persons Sunrise / Sunset Thank God it's Friday... Again: Time Loops
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