ART: Dean Winchester's Journal (Gencest BB, Dean & Sam)

Missed my artposts? Don't fret, here's another one! When I first read "Gencest", I immediately was intrigued. A Gen-rated story, but also with Wincest-typical flair? Was not exactly possible for me, but my absolutely lovely author iamremy proved me better with her story "Dean Winchester's Journal" ;) Naila, my dear, it was an honor to work with you on this story, and as I told you in our emails yesterday, this story is one that aims for the heartstrings! Thank you for having me! *padahugs*
Speaking of the story: I definitely won't spoil it for you, but let me issue a double "warning": first - get a nice stock of tissues before you start reading, and second - if the most recent episode got your emotions, this story here will do just the same.

And now - on with the art show!!
(click pics for full-size)


I had a completely different idea for this initially, but troubles with finding a good pic and the basic premise of the whole bang brought this one here forth XD


These here were, together with the following "scene" (I put it in quotation marks cause it's not exactly a scene in the classic sense), the ones that took the longest to create, beginning with the fact that you barely can find a full page of a yellow legal pad without watermarks *headdesk* But I finally found two to work with!

Scene - Sam's note:

Note: I know that I missed a letter in part 5 and have a wrong colon in part 6 - I'll change the pics later!


images: all via Google Image Search (no copyright infringement intended)


Title: Hillstown

Credits: PT Script (Unreg.) Monsoon

Divider July 4th: Nothing You Could Do

Divider Dec 15th: Covered By Your Grace

Remaining Dividers: Swanky and Moo Moo

Sam's note: Over The Rainbow

That's it! And now please head over to the story and leave my author lots of love!!

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This looks liek a real tearjerker and i love your artwork for it.
Sweetie, it is! I read it several times since I got it from her, and every single time it started the waterworks XD But thank you!
Oh boy, I needed ALL the tissues! That was such a beautifully sad story and I love how you did the dividers and Sam's note, it made it all more realistic.
thank you again! The idea to do Sam's note came immediately after the first read, that for the dividers a bit later. I know you already commented on AO3 on the story, and I gotta tell you, the first time I saw my artworks in combo with the story, I was blown away! It's definitely a set I'm really proud of!
Thank you, and please do!! It's definitely worth the read, just heed the warnings!